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NO, we do not have any compulsory referral program, all you have to do is to download and upload the adverts on your dashboard to your WhatsApp status and earn your income-share when completed.

Withdrawals are processed within minutes but the maximum time frame is within 24hours.

After subscribing, just login and click on your dashboard, you will see the 3 daily available adverts, download and post it on your Whatsapp status, after posting, go back to your dashboard and submit your WhatsApp number for confirmation. If you posted on your Whatsapp status, all you need is to submit your WhatsApp number. That is all!! You are done for the day. You will be credited with your income-share before the end of the day.

It is very simple, You will not get paid for that day. Please note that you will only get paid when you work. If you do not post, we will not get paid and you also will not get paid.

We do not encourage spamming at all, so all users are only allowed to post 3 sponsored adverts in a day.

It is absolutely necessary to submit your WhatsApp number daily , because that is the only way we can confirm that you have completed the job and process your income-share(payment).